“When tragedies strike, it’s a time for people to come together and make a difference.”

Those are my words from a tweet I made yesterday after hearing about the two horrific deaths of peers in my hometown. The situations are completely different, but equally heart breaking and tragic. Though it is not my place to share their stories, I felt a strong urge to show my condolences to these families and their loved ones through what I know best, the media.

Many members my community are grieving and supporting each other during this painful time. Seeing people respond in such a way has me truly inspired. I see a chance for a social revolution for the sake of not only these boys, but every teenager and college student who have passed away unexpectedly.

In a little over 24 hours, my few simple words have made an impression on over 20,000 people. That right there shows how much power WE have to create a change in society. So here I am here writing to each and every one of those people who read my words to STAND UP. BE AWARE. SPEAK OUT. and let others know #YouAreNotAlone.

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NOW. Change starts here. Right Now! YOU and I are responsible to make today something great and tomorrow even better. The world isn’t meant to be every man for himself, it is a place of no man left behind. Join me on my journey to create social change, starting with the hashtag #YouAreNotAlone.

#YouAreNotAlone is a movement I am starting TODAY for future of society, today’s youth, the high school and college students who are in crucial time of personal growth and development.

I saw clearly from my tweet that people agree that we need to come together, so let’s start. WE HAVE THE POWER. WE ARE IN CONTROL. Each of us are responsible for our own words and actions. The things we say or do affect those around us both directly and indirectly.

Now is the time to start opening up conversations with our peers about sensitive subjects. Now is the time we start thinking of others over ourselves. Now is the time we start to be more conscious in our everyday choices.

#YouAreNotAlone advocates for smart decision making, empowerment, support, and working together.  It is a simple way to remind those people in your life, whether you are close with them or not, that you are there for them.

It’s a reminder, a positive affirmation, a mantra, anything you want it to become. Words are simple, but impactful. Positive words lead to positive actions. A little change in your perspective can go a long way.

There are so many students, just like me, who have a fire burning inside them to make a difference after tragedies hit home. I encourage those who agree with me to join me, spread the word, and start conversations that will bring people together and elevate them in their lives.

I don’t quite know where I am going with #YouAreNotAlone yet, but I am determined to make an impact with someone, somewhere. I am here to declare a change I am making in myself.

In this moment, we can begin to prevent social situations and mental illness deaths in the youth of society. You and I can make changes in our everyday lives that will positivity impact those around us. It can be a simple as talking to the kid you sit next to you in class, passing the door and smiling to a stranger, or checking in on person living across the hall.

You don’t have to be everyone’s friend, but we do have to be the best person we can be. Simple as that.  If a tweet by one suburban college student can raise a strong emotion in 20,000 of her peers, imagine what the possibilities can be when we come together to make a difference. Let’s see where this takes us.