For the LOVE of Wanderlust

♥For the LOVE of Wanderlust♥

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This past weekend I attended my first Wanderlust event in Chicago. It was the most inspiring and self-empowering health and fitness event I have ever been too. To be surrounded by 3,000 people who share the same passion for self-love and personal growth was truly remarkable.

If you are unfamiliar with Wanderlust, it a company that motivates each and every one of us to reach our full potential through events and experiences. When one exposes themselves to the magic that Wanderlust offers, transformation begins in the mind, body, and soul. It is an eye opening and rewarding experience.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 8.59.41 PM.png

The festival I took part in was called Wanderlust 108, which partners with Adidas and No Kid Hungry. It is called “108” because $1.08 of every ticket sold gets donated to help end child hunger. Wanderlust 108 events happen all over the world at various destination sites. Wanderlust 108 Chicago took place at the beautiful Grant Park in the heart of Downtown. We had perfect weather for the event; sunny, warm, and a view of Lake Michigan.

Wanderlust 108 is considered the world’s only mindful triathlon featuring a 5k, a 90-minute yoga session, and a 30-minute mediation. It is not some race where you show up, do your thing, and leave. From the moment, you enter the festival grounds you are connected to those around you, grounded in the moment, and filled with a sense of love and joy

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 8.52.09 PM.png

Wanderlust provides an opportunity to form new friendships and create new connections with people. It is an opportunity to engulf yourself into a community that works together to lift one another up. It is an opportunity to see and support people who are following their dreams and crushing their goals. It is so much more than just a mind-body workout.

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♥Personal Journey♥

My first Wanderlust experience has me feeling truly grateful. Grateful for who I am, what I offer to this world, and what I am capable of.  Grateful for where I am, how I got here, and where I am going.

Major gratitude for the path of life I am on!

I attended this event with one of my best friends who is currently at the same time of her life as me. We are both college students who are at a moment of transition, we both struggle with a healthy work-life balance, and we both have a fire for learning about life and the greatness that comes along with it.

Now my friend and I, we are not serious runners, we are not super flexible yogis, and we don’t mediate regularity. On the other hand, we are fortunate enough to work for a company that inspired us at our young age to explore within our ourselves and adventure through the world.

We both usually just stick to our regular schedules of work, school, and some form of physical activities. We decided to attended Wanderlust one evening while working together. We impulsively bought tickets in a moment of “my life is so boring.” Little did we know that our lives were already filled with so much that make it exciting and something to love.

Wanderlust 108 taught us that who we are and what we are doing in each of our lives is important. That we are who we are meant to be and we are loved for just being true to ourselves.

Sometimes you just have just have to jump out of your comfort zone and step into a place of interest to be guided to something greater.

That is what I feel liked happened to me.

Wanderlust 108 has inspired me to keep expanding my knowledge; to keep growing in every aspect of my life. To learn to accept the moment I am in and to work towards where I want to be.

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♥Photos & Fun♥

To try to explain everything Wanderlust has to offer wouldn’t do it justice. So, I decided to take a bunch of photos to share with a little explanation just to give you a little insight on all the magic it has to offer.

The Entrance to the festival. No better way to be welcomed than with the city in the background.
When I got my race gear!! Super pumped. It included a bandana, a ticket to check my bag to keep my things safe, and a ticket for a WanderBowl for lunch! It was vegan friendly that fueled me and filled me up. 
This is my friend and I post run and before yoga. #Wanderlust108 #Cometogether #Wanderlust2017 #AdidasWanderlust
The woman who painted this is on a mission to paint 10,000 buddha paintings throughout the world. Check out her work through the hashtag #10000buddhas on instagram!
Centering my thoughts before I begin my practice. My outfit features: lululemon, spiritual gangster, boho band, and of course I accessorize with my fitbit and swell water bottle. 
Snapchat selfie after we got our warrior face paint on.
My favorite, Kombucha. I swear by this stuff. Fermented tea that is 100% raw and organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Kombucha nourishes the body, delights your taste buds, bolsters your immunity, and makes your spirits fly.


Here are a few more photos I took during the event. They include some of the awesome vendors, views, and fun activities offered once you complete the triathlon. (and of course my beautiful friend who I appreciate so dearly!)

Find what inspires you and pursue it.

Don’t ever hold back.

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Click the link below to visit the Wanderlust website for yourself and join the experience that will change your life!

Wanderlust Website

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-Kasey Elizabeth-

Tweets on Tweets on Tweets

Just adding to my photojournalism portfolio. This assignment was an exercise in using social media and creating simple, clear cut, and creative captions with a photo. The requirements included that it had to relate to Harper College, and topics for the photos included: music, theatre, sports, classroom stress, being social, nature, safety, and education. The social media outlet we used was Twitter, which limited the number of words we could use. We also had to either tag @harpermasscomm or #harpermasscom so they would show up on the class feed.

Here are the tweets I came up with and the photos that go along with it!




Captions before Photos

About a month ago, I was assigned a project in my photojournalism course that consisted of capturing photos from a list captions laid out beforehand. My initial reaction after seeing the list was something along the lines of, “oh great! how the hell am I going to get this done?”

Shocking, right? It is not that the captions were challenging to snap a picture of; it was the fact that they were specific events, people, and places that required me to be at a certain location at a certain time. I was mostly annoyed that I didn’t have enough free time because I had four other classes to shuffle, two jobs, and my own personal things.

After complaining to my professor and stressing more than I needed to, I decided to face this project head on in my own creative way. This assignment was meant to be an exercise in basic photojournalistic skills and I knew I had to complete it to the best of my abilities and because I needed the good grade.

 Below is my final product. The photos are taken either on my iPhone 6 or a Cannon DLSR Camera.  Below each photo is the actual caption I was assigned. Under that, for the fun of it, I decided to expand a bit on each photo my creative attempt behind capturing it.


“Used car prices are on the decline.”

No better place to take a picture of used cars then the Harper College parking lot.  I myself drive a lovely used jeep, and from the look of the cars in this lot I am not the only one blessed with a used vehicle.

“Harper College Student Exhibition Opening”

This student art exhibit, located in Building C at Harper College is filled with so many great pieces displayed so nicely. I decided to snap a picture that shows some depth with corners of the walls. I don’t know about you,  but I think this picture looks pretty cool.

“Harper Hawk Softball Team prepares for their next game.”

Honestly I could never get a chance to snap a picture of the players practicing due to my own work schedule, but that didn’t stop me from snapping a relevant photo.

“As the weather changes many are taking advantage of local parks.”

This is Lake Arlington Park, a common place for people to gather, workout, and relax when the weather is nice. Every photo with lots of people in it, I didn’t like. But, if you look closely there is a old man walking in the background.

“Commuters rushing to catch their morning train”

Well I waited around for commuters rushing to catch their train, but people really know how to plan ahead and stick their schedule. This lead to a photo of commuters just sitting around waiting for their train.

“The new craze in exercise is circus yoga.”

I don’t really know where you can participate in circus yoga in the Chicagoland Area, but aerial yoga is an super fun exercise craze that uses silks suspended from the ceiling.

“Harper students prepare for final exams.”

This one is pretty self explanatory, it is a photo I snapped of a student actually getting their work done at school.

“Local Barista makes latte art.”

I stopped by this small, family owned, cafe in the Lincoln Park area. The old lady who was running the counter struggled to even make me the latte. She burned the first one.

“Dean of Liberal Arts, Dr. Jennifer Berne.”

Dr. Berne, what a trooper for letting so many students disrupt her to snap a photo. She was really funny before I snapped this picture of her reading with her bowl of candy.

“Niki Safakas has been elected as the new student trustee at Harper College.”

Though I never got a chance to meet Niki Safakas, her photo will be added to this wall for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Documenting my projects like this one is part of my photojournalism course requirements. As always, I appreciate feedback on my photographing and writing skills.

Social Media & College Student’s Lifestyle Choices

The most current assignment in my photojournalism class was to create a news package.. YIKES!

This was my first time EVER putting together a video using a professional camera, editing system, and uploading to Youtube. SOOO HARD TO DO!!!

The assignment was a HUGE challenge for me. I was totally thrown into something unfamiliar and it was stressful. I was determined to complete the task on my own and the end product is shows that I am a beginner.

The requirements for my news package included:

“You have to produce, write, shoot, edit and deliver the package using a mobile media platform. The package must be a real news or event story.  The package must include: an on camera stand up, an interview clip done in 3/4 profile, B-Roll, and Voice Over.”

Social Media & College Student’s Lifestyle Choices is my first one man show news story. It uses VERY BASIC shooting and editing skills.

Today, the video was showed in my class (which I was so embarrassed about) and I received great feedback. I am learning a lot. I didn’t want to share my video with the public, but how am I going to improve my skills if I don’t document where I begin? (I also have to create an online portfolio for class so the public is bound to see it)

Click the link below to watch!

Social Media & College Student’s Lifestyle Choices

Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and Fans I appreciate your support and feedback to make me a stronger person working in the media. Feel free to share with me your thoughts and ideas. Help me grow! 🙂

Pure Juice is Good Juice! I would recommend to all.

As a person with Celiac Disease (meaning I can’t eat foods with gluten containing ingredients) and anaphylactic allergies to tree nuts, going out to eat can almost never been spontaneous. I always end up having to look up menus online, or calling restaurants with questions. A lot of the time I am better off at local or family owned places rather then cooperate chains and fast food restaurants.

Being a full-time college student and balancing two  jobs, I am always on the go. I almost never have the chance to sit down and have a proper meal at home. Often, I find myself packing up a bag full of various snacks and mini meals to nourish and fuel me throughout the day. Majority of the time I struggle with eating foods that have proper nutrients.

One of my favorite local spots to grab healthy, fueling food on the go is the Raw Gourmet Juice and Smoothie Café called Pure Juice Café.  Located in downtown Arlington Heights, Pure Juice Café is one place active people on the go can’t miss. It is easily accessible, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with food that taste delicious and makes you feel good.fullsizerender-1fullsizerender-7

I find myself stopping here more than a few times each month. Though their prices are on the higher side with smoothies starting between $7 and $9 and simple dishes like smoothie bowls and salads ranging between $10-$15, the quality is surely accounted for. The ingredients used at Pure Juice are raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, non GMO soy, and corn free.


Last time I went to Pure Juice Café, I picked myself up the Prana Bowl. It’s one of my favorites! I usually grab it to go and it fills me up. Packed with protein, vitamins and nutrients, as well as great flavor, it’s a staple when wanting to start your day off right.


I also grabbed myself the Black Bean and Quinoa Salad for my lunch later in the day. Filled with simple ingredients like pumpkin seeds and cranberries, this salad is the perfect balance of a variety of flavors, perfectly suitable for an afternoon “pick me up”.

I would give this Raw Gourmet Juice and Smoothie Café 5 stars for convenience, quality, experience, and taste. I highly recommend stopping at Pure Juice Café during your free time for a healthy, fueling, quick bite to eat.


Pure Juice Facebook

Visit Pure Juice Cafe Today!

Pure Juice Website