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Chelsea Vaccariello Fitness Documentary

The final assignment for my media production course at Roosevelt University was to create a 3-5 minute documentary on the topic of our choice. We had to showcase the skills we have been working on all semester from shooting angles and interview questions to editing techniques.

I decided to make a documentary on Chelsea Vaccariello, a fitness entrepreneur in Chicago. Chelsea’s story is very inspiring and interesting because her fitness company grew drastically through the power of social media, specifically her Instagram!

My Life

Workin’ on my Photography Skills!

My life has been beyond busy lately. My days are constantly filled with a full-time school schedule and two jobs; yet I am still making time for my passions and fun! 

A few weeks ago, I explored the West Loop, in Chicago with a few of my friends to work on my photography skills. My focus was capturing exciting and effective photos. 

All these photos are taken on my Canon Rebel T6 and edited in generic apple iPhoto Macbook application. (still saving up my money to purchase a professional photo editing system) I find it really important to showcase my skills, whether they are perfect or not. It helps hold myself accountable to constantly work harder as well as it provides an outlet to showcase my growth over time. 

Enjoy my photos and reach out if you’d like to help me work on my skills by doing a shoot of you or one of your events!



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media production

Mashed This Up Just In Time!!

My fall semester is starting to wrap up, which means the pressure is on to fully commit and complete my assignments in a timely matter. When working in production it takes time to capture all the footage as well as edit it into a high quality and successful piece.

This past week, I learned a serious lesson in meeting deadlines and saving to the cloud! Every college student’s nightmare happened to me and let me tell you, it was stressful. My laptop was stolen and all my assignments disappeared with it. With finals around the corner and due dates coming closer, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to catch back up. I honestly felt like giving up because all my hard work was gone. I felt defeated.  I felt like I didn’t have the time, desire, or energy to redo everything that was taken from me.

Luckily, my professors are wonderful people who showed me compassion and understanding and gave me the permission and extra time to complete the assignments I lost after I explained to them my situation. Even with the extra time to complete the missing work, I still have more work piled up because the semester doesn’t slow down for personal problems. I am grateful that my teachers sympathetic because it kicked me back into drive and pushed to get my work done in a timely matter.


Here is my most recent project in my media production course. The assignment was to create a mash-up video that included personal footage and clips from other sources.

I decided for my mashup assignment to be a little silly introduction video for a YouTube channel I may (or may not) begin in the future!

Though this work may not be perfect, I am proud of it because I was able to recreate my original vision for the assignment and still get it turned in on the proper due date! (only a couple hours late lol) Talk about perseverance and dedication!


media production

Student Profile- Jessica Zayia

For this assignment in my media production course, the task was to interview a classmate about one of their passions or interests. I was personally responsible for prepping, production, and editing of the piece. The video had to include a headline, b roll, and interview shots. The video was edited in Final Cut and posted to YouTube.

I decided to sit down with Jessica Zayia, a sophomore at Roosevelt University, majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication. Jessica is involved on campus as the chair member Graduation For Success Program, a career readiness program. In her free time Jessica enjoys spending time with her sister, playing with her cat, and listening to music.

Below is the video that features Jessica’s interests in the music industry and how she is has a passion to make a future for herself in the business.

A Different Type of Music Passion

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Yes, You Can!

“Do one thing a day that scares you” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Recently, I discovered that doing something that takes you out of element, challenges you, and scares you truly helps you grow.


I have never been known as an athlete. As a child, I basically tried every sport in the books and never developed the talent, skills, or coordination to really succeed. I always had a good spirit and got my teammates pumped up and excited, but I was known as the benchwarmer.

I always was one of the last people to finish the mile run in gym class, and never first chosen for kickball teams at recess. I was still a physically active child, who played outside, enjoyed riding my bike, and being at the park; but I never was considered “sporty” or athlete in the making.

When high school rolled around, I felt pressured to be involved in sports because I thought it was “the cool thing to do”. It was ultimately a disaster, I bounced around activates from year to year, never really finding a place where I felt like I fit in and could succeed in.

From cheerleading, to golf, to show choir, I gave everything a shot. Yes, I did like being a part of these teams and activities, but at the heart I felt disconnected, not good enough, and sometimes embarrassed at my lack of ability.


Towards the end of my high school career, I started to take up yoga and going to the gym. I feel in love with hot vinyasa flows, and yoga sculpting with weights. For about two and a half years I made yoga apart of my weekly routine and it worked well for me. For once, I finally considered myself capable of being good at a sport or activity.

Now that I am halfway through my college experience, I have begun to experiment more with weight lighting, cardio, boot camp classes, and cycling. I am constantly trying new group fitness classes and exploring new exercises in the gym.


My point in sharing the history of my athletic ability and fitness journey thus far, is to tell you that you CAN do anything you put your mind too. Don’t let the stigmas created by society limit you. Don’t let your pass define you. Just because you have always been “known” for being a certain way, doesn’t mean you should live up to that name.

I was never the athletic girl growing up. I was never confident in my physical abilities.

I let myself be just the benchwarmer. I let other people’s opinions get to me. I let the degrading words bring me down. I told myself I wasn’t good enough and I never pushed myself past it. I never believed in myself.


Now here I am, doing all the things I never thought I could do because I finally realized that I only lack the ability, coordination, and skills because of my limiting thoughts, unwillingness to work harder, and fear of what others will say.

I discovered that doing something that takes you out of element, challenges you, and scares you truly helps you grow. I’ve pushed myself harder to prove to myself that I am not just an uncoordinated girl who can’t do it. I am no longer scared that I may embarrass myself or that I may mess up and be known as a joke. I finally broke down the all mental barriers that have been up for as long as I can remember.


I am confident in my physical capabilities. For once in my life I am setting and achieving athletic goals. Never in a million years did I think I could lift more than 20lbs at a time, run a 15K, or even touch my toes.

It is amazing to what the body can do when you open your mind up to the possibilities.

So, go ahead… break down your personal barriers and limitations and challenge yourself to overcome what scares you the most. You may discover a new passion or talent, or even a love for something you never knew existed.