About Me

I am a very vocal, outgoing, and hardworking young woman. I place a huge importance on spending time with my family and friends, as well as studying and doing well in school. I abosultely love group workout classes and taking naps in my free time. Instead of fully explaining every detail about me, I thought it would be fun to share the top ten interesting facts about myself! 

  1. I have celiac disease which means my body rejects the protein gluten.
  2. I have anaphylactic allergies to tree nuts and shelled fish.
  3. I am from a family of six kids. I am the oldest of the younger half.
  4. My favorite places to shop are Amazon and Target.
  5. I drink Kombucha daily. (fermented tea filled with probiotics)
  6. I am a full-time student, but I also work two jobs.
  7. I enjoy reading about the zodiac and seeing how it relates to my life. (I’m a Scorpio) 
  8. My favorite TV shows include Law and Order SVU, Desperate Housewives, and America’s Next Top Model. 
  9. I studying to earn a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a focus in Public Relations.
  10. I write and play sports with my left hand, bascially I can do nothing with my right hand.