Workin’ on my Photography Skills!

My life has been beyond busy lately. My days are constantly filled with a full-time school schedule and two jobs; yet I am still making time for my passions and fun! 

A few weeks ago, I explored the West Loop, in Chicago with a few of my friends to work on my photography skills. My focus was capturing exciting and effective photos. 

All these photos are taken on my Canon Rebel T6 and edited in generic apple iPhoto Macbook application. (still saving up my money to purchase a professional photo editing system) I find it really important to showcase my skills, whether they are perfect or not. It helps hold myself accountable to constantly work harder as well as it provides an outlet to showcase my growth over time. 

Enjoy my photos and reach out if you’d like to help me work on my skills by doing a shoot of you or one of your events!



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