Experiencing the Weather Indoors

The weather can make or break the day, literally. From breezy, windy days to harsh, destroying hurricanes, Science Storms at the Museum of Science and Industry teaches one everything they need to know about natural phenomenons in a fun, interactive, and experimental way.

Science Storms brings the forces of nature to life. This all age exhibit features seven natural phenomenons under one roof: lighting, fire, tornadoes, avalanches, tsunamis, sunlight, and atoms in motion. 

Perfect for the whole family, Science Storms at the Museum of Science and Industry provides all age groups with an educational and exciting experience through recreations, stimulations, and other advance technologies. You can walk through the center of a tornado, create a rainbow, and trigger a lightning strike all while learning about how these phenomenons are created and how they affect the environment.


All photos taken on Canon Rebel T6