I am a #bossbabe

Recently, I attended a really cool #bossbabe event that left me feeling empowered, strong, and worthy of greatness.

If you are wondering what exactly a #bossbabe is….. get your head in the game! It’s just the new age term given to the “go getter” type of woman (like myself). Another term commonly used is passionista. (good old Urban Dictionary gives fantastic definitions)

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Soo, a #bossbabe event is when a group of like-minded women come together to learn from one another and find new ways to get inspired. It is quite emotional and thrilling experience that gives you a natural high! I always leave #bossbabe events feeling like a total BAD ASS.

The event I attended was Dare To Be Fearless by Fit Fearless Happy. It was a one day event in Chicago that featured #bossbabe speakers who took control of their lives and transformed them into something bigger and better. The day focused in on four topics that are beneficial for every woman: healthy lifestyle, personal development, business skills, and mindfulness.

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The woman who put this event together, was also a #bossbabe; Melissa Kolb. Her goal was to unite the community of #bossbabes together and get us all in the same room discussing topics we love. Shout out to you Melissa!

Dare To Be Fearless was an amazing day where I learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. Each speaker opened up and shared their stories. All of their’s were so different, yet had a similar theme of overcoming some form of a struggle. It reminded me that we all experience pain and suffering, but how we chose to overcome it is our personal responsibility.

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Each speaker brought different concepts and ideas to the table. The lessons and messages were all so strong and moving. If you could picture a kid walking into a candy store for the first time, that was me taking notes as I was listening and internalizing what they had to say.

Now, I don’t want to “spoil” all the greatness these speakers have to offer. (just in case you want to experience them yourself) BUT….  I DO want to share with my biggest take always from each of them. I want to introduce them to YOU and inspire YOU to consider learning from each of these amazing women the things they offer.

Rosie Guagliardo

Her presentation focused on “achieving results with ease and joy.”  When you focus on your desires, the REAL you starts to show up. Often people strive for perfection instead of progress. Which results in a feeling that life is just happening to you instead of through you.

It all starts with our choices. Choices are made based off beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts we hear repeatedly (that we then internalize). Our thoughts create our desires. To make better choices, we need to increase our awareness of what we really want not what we “should” or “have to”. Awareness increased through observing, understanding, and accepting our desires.

Rosie’s lead us through a simple three stop process that teaches us to make choices create positive and happy results for our lives. It is all about shifting your perspective on the situations that appear our lives.

  1.  Notice It.
  2.  Name It.
  3.  Reframe it. 

Rosie is a life and career coach. If you want to learn more from her and all her great steps to living a happier life, check out Inner Brilliance Coaching.


Kelly Uchima

Kelly’s presentation stood out to me because I could directly relate to my own life and my personal struggles. She is only 24 years old (only a few years older than me) and she is standing up and speaking out about breaking the stigma on mental health. (something I am also oh so very passionate about). Her main points jabbed me in gut and had me saying, “AMEN SISTA” in my head. Some of her one liners that stuck with me include:

  • Self-love is unconditional
  • Sexy means confidence
  • Embrace your light. Embrace Your Darkness.
  • Vulnerability helps you become comfortable with love

Kelly inspires me because she is publicly documenting her recovery with mental health issues. She is breaking the barriers, opening the doors, and making sure it is being talked about. On top of that she has a bad ass bracelet collection with Peas & Love. Check on Kelly on Instagram and see what I am talking about.

Kelley Porter-Turner

Kelley Porter Turner is the definition of a bad b*tch. Her fiery passion and insane confidence grabbed the attention of the room faster than anything I’ve EVER seen before. She really is powerful soul that grabs at your heart. When you hear her personal story of pain, you are left speechless because you wouldn’t believe a powerful woman like her as experienced such awful things.

BUT her whole message is about finding our purpose through our pain. She teaches through the metaphysical aspect which leaves you deep in thought. It really pulled me out of my comfort zone and opened up a whole new world of thinking about my environment. She really emphasized recapitulation.  We have two choices on how to internalize and learn from situations in life. You can either choose the path of pain or power.

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Kelley is a personal development and transformation coach who has written five books that share her story and inspire you to think different about handling situations in life. Consider Kelley and her work and I promise you, you’ll change your perspective. She is Coach Kelley on every social media.

Laura Folkes

Laura Folkes is a certified holistic health coach and her presentation was all about finding a proper balance in life. She told her story about struggling with diet, exercise, and weight since the age of 12. CRAZZY!! She tried everything in the book and nothing seemed to work for. Through her experience, she became inspired to help others with their diet and nutrition goals.

Laura led the group through a very hands-on activity that organized the essentials to success in personal health into five categories: Sleep, social life, career, eating habits, and exercise. She helped me realize that starting with small changes makes a difference. She challenged each of us to walk away with a small goal to guide us in making a change in our lifestyle choices.

The category I set my goal in was sleep. I am the type of person who either sleeps for days on end with 50 million naps or I am the type of person who doesn’t sleep at all. The goal I set for myself was to regulate my sleep schedule by going to bed around the same time each night and waking up around the same time each morning. I am committing myself to improve my sleep schedule in order to make my days more productive.



Staci Boyer

Staci is the real deal. She is cut-throat and powerful. Her high energy was contagious. She has an insane amount of experience in the health and wellness industry, as well as experience in the Navy. Her presentation was called, “It’s time to show up for you!” She led the group through a process of self-discovery and realizing each of us have a great worth. She shared with us her very own inspiring quotes and asked us questions that got each of us thinking about ourselves and our own personal journeys.

She helped each of us realize the amazing qualities we all have that make us special. I want to share with you a few of the questions she asked as well as my own answers! Some of them were hard for me to answer but they really helped me think more positively about myself.

  • What about me is beautiful?
    • My big heart! I truly am an emotional young woman. I feel all my emotions so deeply and express them actively. My heart is constantly filled with love for everything around me.
  • One word that describes your version of excellence
    • Happiness! At the end of the day, nothing really matters if you aren’t happy with your life. I believe that I am at my best self when I am happiest
  • What makes you fierce?
    • My fiery honest responses to everything! I have no filter and I embrace it. You want the truth, I am the girl who will give it you.


If you are still following, great! I know it is A TON of information to take in at once.

But trust me, the quality of these woman’s stories, their experience, and their advice will help transform your thoughts on yourself and the world around you. LET IT SINK IN. Explore their words deeper and let them create something for yourself. Follow these woman on social media and hear what they have to say. Sometimes you just need someone else to wake you up and push you in the right direction.

Thank you Dare To Be Fearless for giving me such a fun-filled experience with my friends to learn and grow from these women! I had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait for the next event!

Dare To Be Fearless Recap Video