Success is in YOUR Hands

Do you know who Monalisa Brown is? How about VH1 hit reality series Flavor of Love 3?

If you are familiar with Shy, one of the girls who battled for the love of Flavor-Flav, I have news for you. Shy is just a character created by producers to keep up show ratings. Monalisa Brown is actually the actress behind the sassy, loud-mouthed, bad-breathed instigator of all the drama on season three of Flavor of Love.

Flavor of Love 3 aired on VH1 in the Spring of 2008.

That’s right, you heard me. ACTRESS… hired to play the villain-like character on REALITY TV… wait whaaattt?! If you are shocked or don’t believe me, sit down. I heard it myself from the down to earth, inspiring, and hardworking Monalisa Brown.

The successful actress, model, author, and musician came to speak to media production college students about creating success for yourself. She did this through sharing her personal story about her career, the obstacles she’s overcame and lessons she’s learned.


If there was one thing I could take away from Brown’s story is that you are in control of your personal success. I AM IN CONTROL OF MINE

“Fame is not what you think… Always be ready… Take advantage of what is around you.”

These simple but intense phases said by Brown really stuck with me as she spoke about life on reality television, but wanting to create something more for herself.

Hearing her talk about her dedication to her dreams and staying true to herself really got me excited about what I want for my life. It truly inspired me to stop “going through” my days minding my own business, keeping my head down, and getting my work done. If nobody knows who I am, what skills I am good at, and what I am passionate about doing, how will I ever get the experience I need to get where I want. Brown kept reminding us,

“You have purpose.”

I must take control of my purpose and keep following it through determination and persistency.

Her advice is straightforward, motivational, and cutting edge. If you want real, Monalisa Brown will give it to you. The formula for success she emphasized is a great tool to use when remembering what I need to do to make it big one day.

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It was a great experience to meet and connect with Monalisa Brown. If you want to stay up-to-date on all the amazing things she is doing now, link up with her on twitter.

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