Call Me A Goal Crusher

F**K YEAH. I AM KILLIN IT.  In all honesty, I am going to “toot my own horn” here quick.  I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been busy GOAL CRUSHING! 

In the past couple weeks, my life has done a 180° in all the right ways and it feels amazing to see dreams come to life and goals accomplished.  I AM PROUD OF MYSELF for all that I have done to get where I am; right here, right now. About a year ago, I was at a moment in my life where I knew change was coming and I was preparing myself for it. I set some concrete goals with by when dates and finally everything I saw for my future is coming to life. It is so exciting!

Photo by my wonderful roommate Erin McTauge


♥ Transfer colleges & declare my major 
♥ Work for a lululemon in the city 
♥ Save enough money to rent an apartment 

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It’s safe to say that these goals are CRUSHED. Over the past year, I really have dug deep into want I want to do with my life and what I should study in school to support that. Now that I have started the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Roosevelt University, I know that I am in the right place and taking the courses that will set me up for success.  

With the closing of ivivva by lululemon (check out previous post for details), I felt beyond supported with chasing my goal of wanting to work for a lululemon location in downtown Chicago. lululemon (and ivivva) is the company that introduced me to goal setting and the people I’ve met through working there have become some of best influences in my life. When I moved, I knew I wanted to stay connected to that environment.  

I also worked countless hours babysitting, waitressing, and working in retail to save my money to pay for rent all by myself. It sometimes got stressful and overwhelming, but I knew it would all pay off. I would spend my days after school and free time on the weekends bouncing between jobs. 

So here I am, happy as can be living in one of the greatest cities the world has to offer. I committed myself to working towards this and now that I am here, I am ready for a whole new adventure. I know with new goals comes new challenges, but I am ready to divide and conquer them. I can’t wait to share what I am working towards next!  

To my family and friends, THANK YOU. I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without all the love and support.


Just a little preview of my life and experiences in Chicago so far!

** Header photo taken by Patricia Przydzial **