#JOBLOVE, I thank you.

For the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure to work for a company that inspires people to work towards the very best version of themselves.  A dozen of times, on various social media outlets, I have posted about my passion, excitement, and gratitude for #joblove.

ivivva, a brand inspired by active girls and created by lululemon is the heart of my #joblove. A retail company that not only provides young girls with clothing and gear to support them on their daily and active endeavors; but also, is a community of self-love, empowerment, and inspiration.


My job has been filled with endless fun and learning experiences. I’ve helped bring yoga into schools, lead dreams and goals sessions for teams, clubs, and studios, I’ve planned themed store events and contests, and encouraged girls to express and love themselves. I also took part in their social media posting on Instagram and Facebook!

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I’ve brought the spirit of ivivva to new places by traveling all over the Chicago suburban area. I have helped create relationships and friendships with businesses, gyms, and studios whose missions aligns with our own.  I’ve shown up and supported girls as they crushed their goals and reached new heights. I feel honor to have represented such an amazing brand on various occasions.

Now that ivivva is evolving into an online based brand and community, I realize that this company has done just as much great things for me as I have done for the girls who came through the store.



Through working with ivivva, I’ve transformed tremendously within myself. This company has taught me how to set a vision for my life, create goals (AND CRUSH THEM), and how to make myself a better leader in all aspects of my life.

The tools that ivivva has provided for me go over and beyond anything I could of ever imagined when I first got hired. Because of ivivva by lululemon, I am no longer and insecure, self-conscious, and a negative person. With the love and support from all team members who have come through, I have grown and learned how to be confident, loving, and full of love and possibility.

So here I am sitting in my bed reflecting on the past two years at ivivva by lululemon. It gets me quite emotional. #joblove has changed my life forever. I walked in not knowing anything about retail or the lululemon culture, I was full of nervousness and anxiety (which I expressed a lot), and I was scared to use my voice and express my talents and skills.  To look back on the “just out of high school” girl and then young woman I am now send chills through my body. I’ve accomplished so many great things! I wouldn’t be who I am without my learning experiences at ivivva.

#joblove has given me lifelong friends who provide love and support endlessly. Thanks to ivivva, I have met likeminded young women who guide me to greatness. They listen, they support, they truly care. Each of them bring something different into my life and it just works. We balance each other out, remind one another of our worth, and we just have so much damn fun together. I didn’t know what a rewarding friendship was until I spent endless hours working, laughing, and learning with empowering woman.

So, thank you #joblove for the experience of a lifetime. Thank you for the constant push to grow. Thank you getting me out of my comfort zone. Thank you for the workout and networking adventures. Thank you for the lessons learned. Thank you for giving me my best friends. The future of ivivva remains strong because of #joblove.

Ivivva by lululemon has officially closed its doors this weekend. (DON’T FORGET WE ARE STILL ONLINE) I am proud to say that my journey with company is not over yet as I transfer to a lululemon store. I am so ready for a whole new journey and can’t wait to share it with you!

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