The Universe Has My Back!

Where do I begin?! My body is fueled with a whole new energy, my soul is on fire and filled with passion and possibility, and my mind has endless thoughts of love and gratitude.

I truly feel like I am carrying myself in a whole new light, feeling a way I have never felt before. I am growing every day and becoming a stronger, happier, smarter, and caring young woman. WHICH IS CRAZY TO BELIEVE!! Whether you know me well or not, my mindset and outlook on life has changed drastically in the past few years.

Life has thrown various obstacles in my direction and I used to feel defeated, angry, and annoyed. I always used to ask myself, “Why is this happening to me?”, “What did I do to deserve this?”, “When will I catch a break?”.  Little did I know that a shift in my perception and outlook on my situations and surroundings can transform the way I look at all aspects in my life, good and bad.

Though I am early on my journey, working towards a bigger goal and something greater than myself, I am experiencing a time of change. I have started to read more, explore new ideas, and just open my heart to all the great resources around me. I have begun to collaborate with others, share my interests, and express my thoughts.

A powerful and inspiring book, The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein really sparked the light inside me.  This book unlocks a whole new world of thought. Whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not, the tools in this book (when you surrender yourself to the possibilities and commit to the experience) unlock treasures of the mind, body and soul. A book filled with advice, meditations, and prayers that remind each of us that we are loved and we are worthy of success.


I have read this book back to front twice in the past month; taking notes on things that speak to me and practicing the mindful exercises.  I do not want to spoil the reading experience for anyone. But, I do want to share my biggest take-a-ways from the incredible and inspiring words written by Gabrielle Bernstein.

“I take responsibility for the world I create by making love a habit and I nurture the connections on a daily basis.”

This quote written in the first couple pages of the book really hit me hard. Through working with ivivva by lululemon, I have been taught to practice personal responsibility to lead myself and others in a more valuable way.

Personal responsibility has been a leadership practice I have grown strong in. To open a book f(or like the first time in years) and have it talk about personal responsibility for every thought, word, and action in our lives had me hooked. Gabby introduces the simple, but challenging concept of leaning towards love in every aspect of life. It is her way of saying, “everything after “I am”, creates.”

“This is my mission: to guide you to choose love no matter what so you can turn all obstacles into opportunities for spiritual growth.”

Choosing to love in every situation in life is a difficult, but possible thing to do. Gabrielle makes such a great point saying that each of us need to let go of all outcomes. When we focus on the outcomes and what “should” happen, we get caught up in a mentality that is controlling and manipulative.

This spoke to me because I am such a huge planner. I like to schedule my days, even to the hour sometimes. By focusing so much on what I “should” do, I lose all opportunities to live and enjoy the moment I am in. The mission stated above really reminds to be open-minded throughout my day and to not get so caught up in the outcomes. I can only control the here and now.

Committing to your faith statement followed by the mantra, “I trust in my connection to the universe and I have faith I’m being guided.”

There is a chapter in this book where Gabrielle invites the reader to create a faith statement. She challenges us to write whatever comes to our mind at first and not to over think it.  A faith statement is a simple statement of your beliefs. You recite your faith statement to yourself in your moments of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. It guides you back to living through love.

My faith statement:

“I believe in all possibilities through love. When my mind, body, and soul are connected to the universe anything is possible. I live in the moment, seek positivity, and explore freely. I am in charge of who I am and what I want out of life. I live in love, through love, and as love. I believe in myself and I know that I am enough.”

“We are made to feel “less than” without this or that possession. We use judgement to avoid the feeling of our own inadequacy, insecurities, and lack of self-worth. It can feel easier to make fun of someone for a perceived weakness than to look at own sense of lack.”

When judgement is discussed throughout the book I found myself tense. I struggle with judgement of others and myself. Today, we are surrounded by the values of status, look, and material wealth. We all fall trap to pointing out what separates us from one another.

I found myself returning the sections on judgement repeatedly, and reflecting on the choices I have made. Judgement creates a lot of problems for myself. It limits me, fills me with fear, and crumbles my confidence.

The key to overcoming judgement is shifting your perception to compassion and understanding. Compassion and understanding unify, connect, and make us feel whole. It is all about connecting to our oneness. Oneness leaves us with no feelings of better than or less than; it is our true nature. It aligns us back to living through love and trusting in the universal energy that lays deep inside us.

“We should be grateful for all situations that make us uncomfortable, because without them we would not know there is something unhealed in us.”

Gabrielle words in this section raised goosebumps all throughout my body. My senses were tingling as she discussed her feelings of trying to battle between her ego and humility. Through discomfort, we are lead back to the truth. We have two paths to choose in all situations; follow the ego or follow humility.

When we surrender ourselves to the path of humility, we fall into the hands of the universe. It allows us to embrace our inner power and the great magnitude inside us that allows us to live truthfully.  It brings us back to the purpose of life; be love and spread love.

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein is a book I recommend to everyone to read no matter what point of your life you are in. We all have mental blockage that prevents us from being the best version of us.

We all have fallen trapped to living in fear over love. This book works with you to shift your thoughts, words, and actions to a more joyful life experience. When you surrounded yourself to the love deep inside you and all around you, life offers you so much more. I have seen a total shift in myself and I believe that every one is capable of achieving the same feeling.

Give this book a read and I promise you, you’ll see that the universe does have your back. Thanks Gabby for helping me become a #spiritjunkie

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