Social Media & College Student’s Lifestyle Choices

The most current assignment in my photojournalism class was to create a news package.. YIKES!

This was my first time EVER putting together a video using a professional camera, editing system, and uploading to Youtube. SOOO HARD TO DO!!!

The assignment was a HUGE challenge for me. I was totally thrown into something unfamiliar and it was stressful. I was determined to complete the task on my own and the end product is shows that I am a beginner.

The requirements for my news package included:

“You have to produce, write, shoot, edit and deliver the package using a mobile media platform. The package must be a real news or event story.  The package must include: an on camera stand up, an interview clip done in 3/4 profile, B-Roll, and Voice Over.”

Social Media & College Student’s Lifestyle Choices is my first one man show news story. It uses VERY BASIC shooting and editing skills.

Today, the video was showed in my class (which I was so embarrassed about) and I received great feedback. I am learning a lot. I didn’t want to share my video with the public, but how am I going to improve my skills if I don’t document where I begin? (I also have to create an online portfolio for class so the public is bound to see it)

Click the link below to watch!

Social Media & College Student’s Lifestyle Choices

Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and Fans I appreciate your support and feedback to make me a stronger person working in the media. Feel free to share with me your thoughts and ideas. Help me grow! 🙂

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  1. Anonymous

    Excellent Job in doing it all!! Writing, producing, editing., being in front and behind camera. Keep it up!!! Good things are coming your way.

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