My first blog mess up…

I  have been wanting to start my own blog for a while now, but I have very nervous and stressed out about the idea of it. I was worried that my life wouldn’t be exciting enough to write about, or that my actual writing abilities aren’t good enough. But today I just decided to go for it and it already has proven to be more than I expected.

I was inspired to start this blog this past afternoon in the middle of my photojournalism course. My instructor encouraged my classmates and I to get creative when it comes to submitting our assignments for the course, and he suggested a blog.  So I was like “great”, and right then and there while class was still going on, I googled, “free blog sites” and quickly followed the steps to end up here right now, writing my first post.

Now if you know me, you know that I go through most of my days like a chicken with its head cut off. I try to do 5 million things at once and schedule my time until it is full.

Here’s where the typical “Kasey” comes in, look closely at my URL address at the top of the screen. It says younganddeterminded. DETERMINDED! Seriously me? Come on.. no wonder I got so excited when I found out the address wasn’t taken. I clearly meant determined. Leave it to me to think of something that totally describes me, then spell it wrong! It happens to me way too often in academic papers, personalized cards, and even text messages.

Even when I spell check things, my mind moves so fast that I don’t even realize it’s wrong more than half the time. I thought about going back and fixing my spelling error, but then I realized it is unquie, funny, and tells a good story. Though you might think it’s dumb of me, and that is okay. Spelling is something I need to work on and every time I go on my blog I will remember to be more careful.

I decided to create this blog for me and my personal development, and if people enjoy it so be it.